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Pros and Cons of WPC Deck

Advantages and disadvantages of composite decoration materials

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WPC flooring is an environmentally friendly alternative to wood that combines the properties of plastic and wood fibers. More and more people choose WPC panels to replace the original wood. Composite materials can be used to make decks, fences or wall panels, fencing. Your ideal deck design may include many aspects. Before considering WPC decking, you can use this article to understand the pros and cons of composite decking to help you choose the most suitable material.

Advantages of wood-plastic material products:

Has durability. WPC panels can be used in outdoor environments for a long time, can withstand different climatic conditions, and have a long service life. Durable and not easy to damage, the base material of WPC criss-crosses wood fibers into a network of overlapping combinations, so that various internal stresses of wood can adapt to each other between laminates. It ensures the flatness and stability of the wooden floor, and retains the aesthetics of the solid wood floor. You can not only enjoy the warmth of nature, but also solve the hard maintenance problem of solid wood flooring.

Will not split and rot. Traditional wood is more likely to mold and rot as it absorbs water. There may be safety hazards in use. WPC decking prevents rot and warping due to moisture.

Reduce maintenance. WPC decks are easy to clean and maintain. No need for painting and sanding, just occasional cleaning with water and soap, greatly reducing cleaning and maintenance time. One of the advantages of composite decks is that they are easy to maintain and maintain. For many busy homeowners, it's always bright as new and easy to clean. The surface of the Chinese WPC deck is well painted. Good wear resistance, too much maintenance effort. It is said that the best wood-plastic composite decks on the market can maintain the luster of new paint within three years without waxing. This is in stark contrast to the maintenance of solid wood floors.

Available in a variety of colors. We provide 8 regular colors, and can also provide you with customized colors to meet your design requirements.

Eco-friendly material. WPC decks are made from recycled plastic pellets and wood fibers, making them ideal for environmentally friendly materials.

Easy installation: WPC deck installation only needs hidden fasteners and screws, and one person can install it. Due to the simple installation requirements, the hidden dangers caused by the installation are greatly reduced

Wood-plastic outdoor materials also have some disadvantages, the disadvantages are as follows:

The initial cost is higher. The purchase cost of WPC deck is higher than that of wood, but it saves the later maintenance cost, and the overall cost will not be too high after long-term use.

artificial material. WPC decks are not 100% solid wood. It is made of wood fiber and plastic composite, but still has a realistic imitation wood grain effect.

Not completely maintenance free. WPC decks still require regular removal of leaves and other debris and washing with soapy water.

heavier than wood. Composite materials are much heavier for the same size compared to wood materials. We also offer hollow composite decks, which are lighter than solid decks.

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